What makes us different?

Departmental kick-offs, town hall sessions, corporate training, capital markets days, and product launches, all have hybrid needs. Hybridium is the technology that serves these larger use cases, where real-time collaboration and audience participation is of paramount importance.

Hybridium Everyone Together Icon

Everyone together

Remote attendees are displayed life-size promoting inclusion, and those participating in-person enjoy the parity of experience of those on the videowall.

Hybridium Natural Conversation Icon

Natural conversation

Ultra low latency aids natural conversation improving remote attendee participation for a cohesive event, where all voices are heard equally.

Hybridium icon engaging dynamic content

Dynamic content

Flexibility and instant control of the videowall layouts, keeps audiences focused and engaged on key information throughout, as the event evolves.

Hybridium Icon Space to Collaborate

Space for AI and AR

Our integrated canvas continuously displays relevant messaging utilizing AI tools. Remote presenters can appear enhanced or as holograms, either live or pre-recorded, in AR environments via green screen technology.

Hybridium Tried and Tested Platform Icon

Make it memorable

Large, important events need to be memorable and 'wow' their audiences. Hybridium can be scaled to vast videowalls and render life-size holograms that never cease to impress. Take your event to the next level.

Invaluable insights

Real-time audience participation is tracked throughout each session via the event ‘pulse’. Data provides valuable, actionable insights that can shape and positively influence future events.

Post-class summary

After each session a summarization is automatically generated including, who attended, session recording, interactions and other relevant information.

Lobby system

Frictionless entry flow lobby system is both intuitive and simple. It makes joining easy from any device, while offering maximum support should it be needed.

Integrated agenda

The agenda timeline automatically adjusts as the session unfolds. Tied to the permission system, roles and modes are enabled at any given moment to allow seamless event flow.

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