Hybrid Classrooms

Hybridium makes hybrid and distance learning a truly immersive, collaborative and engaging experience, enabling organizations to extend their geographical reach. Frictionless real-time high-quality video, chat and content sharing allows students to participate as if they are in the classroom.​​

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What makes us different?

Lectures, case study sessions, workshops, seminars, executive programs, guest speaker events or panel sessions all have hybrid needs. Hybridium is the technology that serves these educational use cases, where real-time collaboration and student participation is of paramount importance.

Hybridium Tried and Tested Platform Icon

Tried and tested Edtech platform

Trusted brand with extensive expertise in hybrid classrooms for over a decade.

Hybridium Natural Conversation Icon

Natural conversation

Low latency aids natural conversation improving remote student participation, creating a more collaborative learning experience, where all voices are heard.

Hybridium Everyone Together Icon

Everyone together

All students are included and equally represented in the classroom for inclusive, well-rounded discussions.

Hybridium icon engaging dynamic content

Dynamic content

Flexibility on how content is displayed keeps the audience focused on the right learning path as the session evolves.

Hybridium Icon Space To Collaborate

A space to collaborate

Our integrated canvas is a shared space for files, 3rd party applications and resources, making collaboration effortless for all.

Hybridium Icon Seat Assignment

Seat assignment

In recurring sessions students can be assigned the same position on the wall aiding lecturers.

Hybridium Icon Breakout Rooms

Breakout rooms

Students can be split up into smaller collaborative groups, which the lecturer can move between.

Hybridium Room Persistence Icon

Room persistence

For recurring sessions, content can be stored and picked up exactly where it was left off.

Hybridium Session Analytics Icon

Invaluable insights

Student participation is tracked throughout each session, providing invaluable course insights.

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